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Posted by Admin on February, 10, 2021

Butyl Glycol is a chemical compound having a sweet mild odor. It is a colorless, oily, and clear liquid. The chemical formula is this particular product is C6H14O2. This chemical or liquid is mainly used as solvents in paints but they are also used in the inks and various chemical agents.


The uses of Butyl Glycol are as follows:

• Paint Industry- Butyl Glycol is used in the paint industry as a solvent. This product is so dominant in the paint industry that almost 75% of the product produced is consumed by the paint industry.

• Ink- These are also used as a solvent in printing inks. This compound is used because of the volatile property as well as the high boiling point of the compound.

• Cleaning Agents- Butyl Glycol is often used as cleaning materials in a maximum of households. Thus it is one of the most important as well as frequently used products in every household.

Butyl Glycol is used in many other areas like in Dyeing and oil factories as well. The applications of this product are wide ranging and hence they are very popular and in demand.


Since Butyl Glycol is a chemical hence certain precautions should be taken while handling it. These are as follows:

• These can cause serious irritation if it comes in contact with hands, eyes, or throat, as a result, it should always be kept away from children and while handling gloves should be worn and glasses should be worn.

• It can cause dizziness or may even make one nauseate hence it is advisable to wear a PPE kit while handling this product

• It may cause severe headaches.

• If sometimes this product comes in contact then it should be immediately washed with soap.

• If the chemical is swallowed then medical help should be taken immediately and the person should be kept under supervision.

It is very important to stay safe while using this product and one has to remain careful to stay out of danger completely.

Storage of the Product

Butyl Glycol has a specific gravity of 0.9. it has a flashpoint of 60 degrees Centigrade and is classified as one harmful product. Hence it should be kept away from food and children. It is best to store this product in a cool, dark place.

It is also recommended that these products should be transported in Teflon drums and if any cases of spills occur then that place should be immediately isolated if possible. A Butyl Glycol spill can turn out to dangerous if not properly examined and contained.

The Market

There are several companies with well-equipped machinery and top skilled Chemical Engineers who produce Butyl Glycol. Some of these manufacturers of Butyl Glycol are also very big exporters and hence export to various parts of the World.

The exporters of Butyl Glycol have a lot of risks associated while exporting these products.

1. They should wear PPE kits

2. They have to take the proper precautions while rolling out of the factories and eventually keep checking the products during their journey.

3. Skilled labor should be employed and they have to train how to deal with hazards and disasters.

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