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Toluene – Understanding The Chemical Properties, Applications, And Threats

Posted by Admin on January, 20, 2021

Toluene is a colorless and clear liquid with a special smell. The toluene suppliers are supplying the products across the world.


Toluene is also named phenylmethane, methylbenzene, and toluol. The word ‘Toluene’ was taken from the tropical Colombian tree called Myroxylon balasamum which has a perfumed extract called tolu balsam. Meanwhile, toluene is also a logically happening compound in crude though at low levels. It is perfectly used in the production of coke and gasoline from coal. It is a colorless and clear liquid with a distinctive smell, quality of the aromatic hydrocarbon family of chemical mixes comprises benzene.

Chemical properties of toluene

It is stable under genuine usage and storage conditions but the container might rupture when heated or come into contact with the high temperature and mistreatment. In the presence of flame and heat, it can be quite reactive. It is chemically unsuited with strong oxidizing agents, nitrogen tetraoxide, sulfuric and nitric acids, and chlorine among others. If heated and prepared to respond with a nitro group, toluene can provide an increase to dintrotoluene and ultimately into the volatile and volatile trinitrotoluene. The reaction is quite strong with the oxidizing agents and might create heat or potentially light or explode when not handled appropriately.

Commonly Used Toluene

Toluene is an essential chemical that is used in the adhesive, laboratory, pesticide, paint, pharmaceuticals, and most important rubber factories. It is used as a solvent for extraction, dilution, and electroplating. However, the biggest use of toluene is in the production of benzene.

Toluene is normally used as a solvent due to its aptitude to dissolve paints, silicone sealants, lacquers, printing ink, adhesives, rubber, leather tanners, and disinfectants. The stuff is even used as a booster and octane inoculation in gasoline, as a coolant in a system of the reactor due to the natural heat transfer elements, and in biochemistry experiments where toluene is helpful in the break of red blood cells for the extraction of the hemoglobin. Toluene Exporter is available in the Indian market and making sure for the best delivery services.

The risk to Human Health

Low to high levels of toluene inhalation can result in confusion, weakness, tiredness, nausea, memory loss, appetite loss, color vision, and loss of hearing. After ending the exposure, the signs generally disappear. Contrary, unconsciousness, or even loss of life, can result in inhalation of high attentiveness of toluene. Swallowing and ingestion can result in abdominal pain and more signs are similar to the toluene inhalation. Straight contact to the skin can result in irritation and toluene can be absorbed throughout the skin. Toluene results in a high level of irritation with pain and redness in case of direct contact with the eyes.

Danger to the Environment

Toluene has been notorious to have sensible toxicity to water organisms though there is no noteworthy danger for bioaccumulation. As, the stuff has strong reactivity elements when it is released directly into the soil, water, and air, toluene fade away to a great extent.

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